Men’s Work Fashion Essentials:

Here’s a list of men's wardrobe essentials which he needs for a practical, functional and stylish wardrobe that will carry him though many different occasions.

  • Suit - Black, navy or gray suits are classics and can be worn with same ease to office or evening parties. Also one can even wear the blazer with khakis or jeans.
  • Black shoes and belt - An integral and essential part of formal & informal dressing.
  • Pastel shade shirts - Light pastel shade shirts are a must as they’d go well with your black or grey or navy suits. Also, they give sharp look and are versatile but shouldn’t be worn as a casual shirt.
  • Solid Tie & Cufflinks - Solid ties are easy and versatile. While cufflinks is a decorative fastener which pull off a very simple shirt or suit as most elegantly chic. If you don’t love solid then you can try classic diagonal stripe or other tie patterns.
  • Briefcase or Laptop Bag - A hard case or a soft messenger bag style or a structured laptop bag is an essential and simply lifts the professional image when you’ve to carry files and other documents.
  • Writing Instrument - A fine writing instrument not only enhances one’s professional image but also projects how detailed you’re as a professional. It’s must to give the fine finishing touch to your work wear.